20 September, 2010

20 September 2010

It has been a long time. But connection at marina is not good...But here we are at Starbuck's and we have time for a quick update.

We have been busy...all of the teak has been sanded and Cetol'ed and glossed. It looks really good but it is a lot of work.

There has also been 2 Saturday Night of entertainment at the marina. One was a local singer and the other a singer that has a boat at the marina. Nice way to spend a Saturday night.

Weather has been incredible. 70's-80's during the day and low 60's at night. nice sleeping weather. Have included a couple of pictures of sunset and visitors to the boat. We are surrounded by birds, ducks geese.

Trust all is well and love to all..

H and KK

08 September, 2010

08 September 2010

Here we are, we made it though Labor Day and am now enjoyhing the peace and quiet of the Western Shore. AAHHHH! It's been windy and a little warm, but nights have been very very pleasant and GREAT sleeping weather.

Connection at the marina is minimal so it doesn't appear that we will be updating this until we travel "all the way" to Starbucks. (Of ghee).

We have started on our fall project on the boat (redoing all the teak work). I get to sand and scrape and "H" will be applying the Cetol (kind of like a varnish!) We did have a slight problem with one of the port windows leaking, but after a couple of tries and some prayers and silicone, it no longer leaks.

Believe that we will be getting our outboard motor for the dinghy so we will be able to adventure out of the marina and spend nights anchored. Always a pleasant time and so enjoyable. It'll be interesting to see how Splash gets along on the dinghy.

Since we have arrived we have not taken any pictures, but we now at least have the camera on board so there is a chance.

Will keep this updated as much as possible.

Keep safe and love to all.
H and KK

03 September, 2010

03 September 2010

Well we are all safe and ready to return to the bay. We secured the boat in preparation for Earl's arrival. It did turn east and so we had some rain but no wind and it appears the high tides and storm surge did not materilize. (Thank you!) Given the same circumstances we would do the same again. No sense in being foolish.

We will work to get the boat back to "normal" and it looks like the weekend is going to be wonderful. There is a cool front passing through so we should have temperatures closer to normal (80's).

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend. And we'll keep you updated as to what is happening in the land of Deale.

H and KK

01 September, 2010

01 Sept. 2010

Well here we are back where we belong. We arrived late last night (late for us!) and the boat was nice and cool thanks to Rockhold Creek Marina turning on the A/C.

Woke up this morning to a beautiful morning, lots of sunshine, a little breeze and the words of NOAA, "Minimal impact from Earl, unless it tracks significantly west of it's present course." So, we are going to make sure that all is tightened down and secure, spend Thursday night at a local hotel and plan on returning to boat on Friday. We will continue to monitor the storm's progress and adjust plans accordingly.

One of the things we enjoy about this time of year is the absence of people. It's just so quiet. Have lots to do this trip (mainly sanding and teaking (always a pleasure!)

Well that's about it for now...Will check in later...enjoy this first day of September.

H and KK

29 August, 2010

29 AUGUST 2010

Well here we are again. We have been home for about a month and have had a wonderful time, although we have been busy. I suspect the big news is that our youngest grand daughter turned one year old, right on schedule. A good time was had by all.

The weather here has been brutal but we have survived and we are looking forward to some cooler weather. We had planned to spend a couple of days at the beach on the Gulf, but have decided to go straight to the boat. It appears that hurricane Earl could be a concern and we would rather be at the boat, preparing for the storm, than traveling to the boat. We both agree we can resume our play time at a beach once Earl decides what he's going to. (Just another benefit of retiring, we can change plans and not ruin any!)

Also while we were home, we redid our upstairs bathroom. We have become the little DIY'ers, with a little help from our family and friends.

We will update this blog again whenever we can.

Stay turned as Away we go again!

Our youngest having a grand time...

14 July, 2010

14 July 2010

Happy Bastille Day!

Sorry this has been so long. For some reason the connection at the dock has been less than good. (Read stinky!) So we are now sitting at Starbuck's enjoying a White Chocolate Mocha. It is raining here so a day is being well spent.

We have had some incredible sailing last week and over the weekend. Although one day was incredibly nice and the wind was blowing just right so I took down the Bimini (cover over the cockpit). BIG mistake! Splash was in his little life preserver and he got hot. Took him out of the heat and he decided to get sick. By the time we realized it, it was toooo late! H went down to help the little guy and let's just say that she returned a different color then when she left. (Green is NOT her color).

But we put the bimini back up and we have all recovered.

We have also had several powerful evening and morning storms. High winds, torrential rains and lightning/thunder. Amazing.

Today is overcast and it is raining off and on. Hence the trip to Starbucks.

Last Saturday night we did have some entertainment on the point. (at the marina). Very enjoyable. One of the people here is a singer and accompanist and he sings 60's-80s song. Just our type of "pop" music. He started prior to 7p and ended at about 10p. Had a great time visiting with other slip holders and enjoying the cool bay breeze and listening to really good music.

Getting a lot of our chores done on the boat. Those things that needed to be done and we never had time for. So we have been busy and just enjoying ourselves. I am going to post pictures so hope that you enjoy!

Love to all...
H and KK

Entertainment on the Point

Before the Heat!


Same but different


Our view of sailing (this is a sailors version of "spaghetti")

Others doing the same as we are!

On our way to the marina

"Red Right Return"

09 July, 2010

09 July 2010

Short but sweet today....this is what a storm coming up the bay looks like from a boat - pretty much gets your full attention RIGHT AWAY! All is well.

05 July, 2010

05 July 2010

Just not a whole lot is happening around here today. Mostly boats are returning to the marina after the long weekend. As for us, we did some shopping (grocery) and some chores and then some pool time. It's getting HOT again and no wind. (A friend here at the marina, who went away for the weekend, said that out of the 60 miles traveled, only about 4 were under sail). NO WIND!

We did go out for dinner and had a good meal, and saw the following on the way home. (this is the only one that we could get a picture of, actually we saw 3.) Just so much fun.

Love to you,
H and KK

p.s. Splash is doing well, and it's so nice to have all those fireworks over and a quiet marina.

04 July, 2010

04 July 2010

Happy Independence Day!

What a fun weekend! Although we talked and the holiday is really defined by the events and not by the day. Monday is the holiday, but for us it is just Monday after the 4th of July. Interesting feeling.

But we watched fireworks from the boat last night. At least some of us did. It seems a local eating (drinking) establishment here had their home grown fireworks very close to the marina and little one did not like that one bit. Very frighting. So had to take him down below and hold him. But the scheduled fireworks were awesome.

Today we just kind of did nothing. Just lazed around and went to the pool as it is getting hotter again and the pool is so comforting. Talked for a while with friends and came back, had dinner and now just sitting in the cockpit and enjoying the cooling breezes and HOPING for no more home grown fireworks.

Have included a couple of interesting pictures of boats at the marina. It's really great to see all the boats with flags flying and really celebrating the day.

Enjoy the holiday...

Love to all...
H and KK

01 July, 2010

01 July 2010

To say there's not much happening here would be an understatement. A cool front has come through and we are enjoying lows in the 60's and highs in the 70's. However, this is not expected to last, but we are enjoying it while we can.

We have been out sailing and enjoying the steady wind and cooler temperatures. When we get back to the marina, we have been going to the pool and have been the only one's there. It's so nice to have our own private pool. However, expect that will not last long either, given the coming weekend.

Other than that, we are just enjoying ourselves and really not doing much else. AHHHH, what a life.

Until later...take care...

Love ya,
H and KK

29 June, 2010

29 June 2010

Seems amazing that it was over a month ago that we left our respective jobs, and here we are, sitting on the back of the boat, drinking coffee and eating blueberry pancakes. (No, I don't think it gets any better than this!)

Yesterday and the day before that and the day before that was HOT and HUMID (no dry heat here friends). But had a nice little storm yesterday and this morning it is just beautiful, although cloudy. As luck would have it we have an errand that we have to do, so into Annapolis at some point today! (It's all my fault, medicine and age, what a crappy combination!)

Other than that, we have NO idea where the time goes but it sure is nice. Splash is healing nicely. (although we had to go to Petsmart the other day and he decided he needed to pee in one of the aisles. Now that was a new one!) But H checked out and I cleaned up and Splash just looked like he was innocent of any wrong doing!

Trust all is well?

Love to all,
H and KK

25 June, 2010

24 June 2010

Quite a little day today...Actually started last night. We noticed that Splash had a sore on his paw and he was licking it constantly, so this morning we were off to the vet (at PetSmart). Appears to have some kind of infection, but is on antibiotics and need to soak his little paw twice a day in Epsom Salt. (We'll see how that works out).

It's been hotter than my concept of hell for these last couple of days. Thank heaven we've had the pool to play in. We are now waiting for the storms to arrive, which we hope will cool things off. Or at least lower the humidity.


Storm was a non-event. Actually just a little wind, less rain and more humidity.

25 June 2010..

Nice cool morning so we thought we would venture out into the bay...had just a short excursion and then back in. We all seemed to have survived. Looking forward to more days like today.

Hot again today, but at least no storms predicted. All quiet here at the marina but should get busier for the weekend. (it is the weekend?)

Trust all are well and we will check in later...Love to all....

Here are some random pictures:

"OUR" pool
"OUR" boat (34 feet, O'Day)
"OUR" Gazebo at the point(Marina's Park)
Boat from the point at the marina
View from the point
Full moon over marina

23 June, 2010

23 June 2010 (late)

Sorry, it's been a while...but it's been Hot and humid...and just doing things that I have put off until retirement and retirement is now here.

Will try to update on the morrow, but until then...Have a good evening...

Love ya....

20 June, 2010

20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day one and all...Hope you're days are as good as our's.

Although yesterday was a bust. (every hear of too much wind?). We decided not to venture out and we are glad that we stayed where we were. Several boats returned to the marina and had a rough time getting into their slips. One poor chap actually crashed in to the pier. But we did have a life jacket drill...

All passed so we are ready to go.

Today, Sunday was a HOT and humid day with no wind. We took ride to West Marine (where Splash made his entrance in our back pack) and also went into Annapolis. Really busy and too hot to walk.

For those interested, we had an incredible supper of Fresh Crab Salad, Shrimp Salad and Cucumber Salad. Cool, refreshing and tastes good, enjoyed on board.

What's really nice is that if we are not able to do something today we know that we have tomorrow and the day after. No real schedule for having to get things done...We were just talking that we probably would be leaving to return home tomorrow if this had been just a long weekend...So it's so nice to know we are not leaving and will sail another day.

Have a good week and love you...
H and KK

19 June, 2010

19 June 2010

Happy Saturday ya'll!

We didn't get to this yesterday as the day just seemed to have evaporated. Before we knew it, it was dark and time to go to bed. Very cool evenings here on the bay.

Doing mostly chores that need to get done. Cleaning and washing and taking little one for his walks. I think we will be venturing out today, it's a beautiful sunny day and there appears to be a wind. So out comes everyone's life jackets and away we go...

Have a good day and catch up later...

H and KK

17 June, 2010

17 June 2010

Up much to early... we really have to work on that...Coffee and breakfast on deck and just enjoying the sun and the cool breeze. A person could get use to this.

Had some chores to do. So took care of refreshing the water...cleaning the decks and cockpit and general housekeeping...ICK...it was then time to tackle the chore of the day. Getting the dinghy and putting it together and making sure it worked. Turned into less of a job than expected. A little bigger than we thought it was going to be, so had to get another slip to store it in. But all in all...not bad.

It was then time to get our other chores (off marina type) done. West Marine, local hardware store and off to the "big" supermarket. (after we had Ice Cream at Friendly's, a New England Ice Cream establishment. Thus fortified, we did our grocery shopping and returned to boat.

Read the Morning New York Times, via Kindle, and "H" prepared supper. Delicious, pork chops, New Red Potatoes, green beans and apple sauce. It doesn't get much better than this.

Took Splash for his evening constitutional, and back to do some reading, some dog grooming...and just enjoy the night. It is clouding up, but no rain is expected...so we're good.

That's about all, just a really comfortable type of day...(there will be more of these).

Enjoy your days and we'll see what tomorrow will bring...tomorrow..

Love to all....

p.s. almost forgot, Splash is really getting use to the boat. We were on the bow of the boat (the front) talking with some neighbors and looked down and who do you suppose had made his way up to the bow. Now we need to be careful of where he is and make sure he does not go to far. Stay tuned....

16 June, 2010

16 June 2010

Well here we are...After a short ride from Norfolk to Deale, MD. we are now at the boat. Splash was our main concern once we got here, not knowing his reaction to it all...But he seems to be adjusting and loves sitting out back with Mom and Dad and do "nothing". However, he does not like the air conditioning, so we are going to have to deal with that.

Got unpacked, (mostly) and went to Pettie Greens for dinner. "H" had fried oysters and actually found a pearl in one of them. (It was a good think she did not bite into it). I had my hamburger (medium rare, and that's the way it comes). What a great way to begin.

Did a little shopping (grocery) at the local market and will go to the "big" city tomorrow to get what we need.

We found the boat in great condition and it is so nice and cool here (at least for today and tonight. Low for the evening is expected to be in the 60's). There is a threat of thunderstorms and it is humid, but a nice breeze off the bay.

We are borrowing another marina's internet connection so not sure how good or reliable it's going to be...We'll update as we can but until then...

Have a pleasant evening, pleasant dreams...and love ya'll.

15 June, 2010

15 June 2010

LOOOOONG day! We knew that eventually this day would arrive, it just doesn't make it any easier. We have been taking our time and just going at our own speed, knowing that we would someday need to make a push for the boat. For some reason we thought it was a 4 hour journey to Norfolk. VA and then another 4 hours to Annapolis, MD. However, when we started this morning GSP told us it would be 8+ hours to Norfolk. It was a long and un-winding road.

But here we are in Norfolk, just finished dinner and took a slight tour of the beach. It's abouit 20 degrees cooler here...We are now at 71 degrees rather than the 95 degrees of yesterday. It's almost nippy (almost!)

Poor Splash was taken for a walk in one of the MacDonald's parking lot and he burnt his little feet so had to be carrier to the grassy area. That asphalt gets really really hot!

Tomorrow we will be at the boat and we'll have to see what kind of internet connection we get there...so it may be a few days before we resume this blog. But we are all well. And doing well and looking forward to some serious boat time.

Love to all...
H and KK

14 June, 2010

14 June 2010

Happy Flag Day!

Got up early and to breakfast, packed car and away we go...Not sure what we would have done without our Navigation (GPS) system. It has been a real help in getting from point A to point B (and beyond). Arrived Charleston, SC. at about 1030a, and expected to have to kill some time before checking into the hotel...However, the room was ready so we "moved" in.

This is one of the HOTTEST days in the area and it is uncomfortable. We left Splash in the room as we ventured out to do some sightseeing. But it was too warm to walk around, so we went to the open air market (where they used to sell slaves) and spent some time enjoying Diet Cokes and a delicious Crab Dip. Followed by a delicious Key Lime Pie Ice Cream which was most refreshing - at Kilvin's. (that's the only reason we did it!)

Rode around the city for a while and decided to see if we could find a restaurant we ate in 3 years ago. Found it and made reservations. Back to hotel and changed and away we went to eat...One of the best meals yet. Lovely restaurant overlooking the water and we were entertained by the dolphins. There were about 3 and they are so amazing.

I had a local fish, Wahoo, (Light white heavy textured fish)covered with barbecue sauce and lemon. Rice and vegetables. "H" had the baked grouper with a sauce, mashed potatoes with goat cheese and vegetables. (asparagus). Very nice. We did get to capture the dolphins.

Walked around the "Battery" again (much cooler than the 98 degrees this afternoon), and back to walk the Splash along the pier that runs along the hotel.

All in all a very good day...Have a good evening...Off to Norfolk tomorrow. Love to all....

p.s. have added additional pictures of Splash's day at the beach on 12 June. Please note the enthusiasm as he is "coaxed" into the water.

13 June, 2010

13 June 2010

Happy Sunday...We had a great day again today. Up relatively early and had fair breakfast at the hotel. (We've had better!) Away we go to Savannah, GA. About a 3 hour trip. Went to Visitor's Center and tried to see what we could do. Splash made his first journey in the "Doggie Backpack". Unfortunately, no tours of Savannah are pet friendly so we got a DVD with a taped riding/walking tour. Good move.

Had about a 3 hour tour of the city from the luxury of our car. (All public tours were via open air buses) Another day in the 100's so would not have been comfortable. Here are just a couple of shots of Savannah. (Seaman's House and Forsyth Park) Pictures do not do it justice.

We then checked into hotel and Splash was able to sleep away the afternoon while we went back to city to "do" the River Street. Old buildings, cobble stone streets and lots to buy and eat. (and drink).

Had dinner at Huey's (River Street) and we'll be walking this meal off for weeks to come. Shrimp and Crabmeat Au Gartin, and Salmon and Garlic Grits. Really good...and GREAT place to people watch.

Arrived back at hotel and still having problems uploading pictures from one of our camera's (if any one has any ideas why we cannot upload from Fuji Camera, we would love to know).

Long day...short nights...looking forward to tomorrow.

Love to all...

12 June, 2010

12 June 2010

Thought I posted this on Saturday, but apparently NOT! Sorry!

GREAT Day!!!

Up relatively early and had breakfast at the hotel. And off we went to St. Augustine. About a 3.5 hour trip. Route 10 in Florida has got to be one of the most boring roads in the universe. A beautiful highway, but booooring...

Arrive St. Augustine and it was really crowded and hot. We drove around and it is a wonderful place, but could not get out to really explore. Maybe another time...Drove back to Jacksonville and came to hotel but decided to go on to Savannah, GA. But tried to change reservations and the price for a Saturday night in Savannah was more than we wanted to pay so we decided to stay in Jacksonville.

Good move. Got changed into bathing suits and off to Jacksonville beaches. How much fun was that? Water was just warm enough but refreshing enough to enjoy! A good time was had by all.

After dinner, we decided to take Splash for his inaugural trip to the beach. He seemed to like the beach but was very tentative about the water. But he did get his little paws wet and he did meet some nice friends on the beach. (one wonders however, when the posted

signs read, Dog must be on leash, how people can just let their dogs run???)

We are now safely enscounced in our hotel and none the worse for the beach outings. Love the water, miss the water.

Good night all. Until tomorrow! Love ya....

11 June, 2010

11 June 2010

What a good day and a lot of miles covered. We are currently in Tallahassee, FL., having left New Orleans this morning at about 0800a. Rather than coming straight here we did take a couple of detours.

Went to Gulfport, MS. and saw the Gulf of Mexico for the first time. Beautiful white sugary sand. (which will probably never come out of the car). Got into the water, as far as possible and it was just great. No sign of oil. Drove along the coast for a few miles and when road ended got back onto highway.

Further on, got off main highway and went to Ft. Walton Beach and Destin, FL. Again beautiful white sand and this time clearer water. But it was warm and could not leave Splash unattended. (Beaches are NOT pet friendly!)

Again it was a warm (read HOT) and humid day. We have covered about 1,100 miles so we're about 1/2 way to Deale, MD.

Splash report: doing better when left alone in the hotel room. And is now sleeping most of the day in the car. Did NOT like the hotel last night. To noisy in the halls so he had to "protect" us.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but it will bring something.

Enjoy...and love to all...

p.s. forgot to mention how much I dislike changing time zones. We lost an hour just outside of Tallahassee, therefore ate dinner late and slept in...

10 June, 2010

10 June 2010

Quite a day. Got up relatively early and took Splash out for his morning constitutional. There were quite a few other canines in the hotel so he was not by himself. Had breakfast at the hotel and away we go....

We had planned to head down to the Gulf and targeted Grand Isle, but as "fate" would have it, we took a wrong turn and ended up in a place called Cocodire, LA. Although close to Grand Isle it does not get the publicity. This is probably the way the real world lives. Preconstructed homes on stilts (some with the wheels still on.) Many boats anchored and not out working. There was also a section of the Inter Coastal Waterway that runs down/up the peninsula. Very narrow and one wonders how a boat can navigate. But there were some rather large boats moored so I guess it can be done. (however the draw bridges only can be raised with a 4 day notice and between the hours of 10p and 4a.)Certainly not something we would look forward to.

By the way the BP Claim Center parking lot was full.

Arrived in New Orleans at about 330p and just rode around the French Quarter and the Riverwalk. We decided to do our touring at another time, without you know whom! It is very hot and humid here (well over 100 today) Not good for dog or beast!

Had a terrific meal at a local place, Harborview Bar and Restaurant. Great shrimp and Gumbo. Although one does need to wonder where the Harbor was and where the view was as well...

Splash seems to be adjusting, however he still makes an awful noise when he is left in the room by himself. He is getting better! Not as frantic and not as long! So there's hope!

Plan on an early day tomorrow, but we'll see....

Until them take care and have a good Friday.

H and KK

09 June, 2010

09 June 2010

Away we go 1...Away we go ALL....

Well we made it to Layfette, LA. without too many problems. Actually no problems at all. We left a little later than planned (but who cares?) Our good little car holds a lot more than we expected so we had no problems with 2 months of clothing and some supplies.

We did run into a series of torrential rain showers. At one point could not see each other, and we were in the same car! But they were really ugly, and we actually saw about 7 accidents on the highway as a result. (Jack-knifed 18 wheelers, SUVs completely turned over) and traffic backed up for miles. Interesting enough, they were all in the north bound lanes. (lucky us!)

Splash update: he traveled well and actually slept most of the way after we did some rearranging of back seat luggage. He is doing well in the hotel (as it's his first time) although he did not like it at all when Mom and Dad left for supper. But it's much to hot to leave him in the car, so hopefully that will resolve itself.

Attached is the ONLY photo of the day. As we were heading down Highway 20, this is the scene of the storms.

Trust all are doing well...Looking forward to a short drive and a long day tomorrow along the New Orlean's shore.

Until then, take care...
H and KK

05 June, 2010

Saturday - 05 June, 2010

Really getting into this retirement thing. Yesterday KK played in a golf tournament (first time ever), and H did a Spa Visit (also her first time). Splash on the other hand just enjoyed the quiet house! (He's such a baby!)

We are getting better at sleeping later and staying up in the evening! But habits are difficult to change. We expect to be hitting the road next week, so we should have more to say as we roll along!

Until then have a good weekend...

01 June, 2010


Well it's finally here and we are just enjoying ourselves. This is our first official day of retirement and we actually slept in (until about 630a). Enjoyed our coffee on the back porch and actually had breakfast together. One of our goals is to eat healthier (but not this morning!)

Took Splash for his first salon appointment. Cried when we left him, but he looks so much better and we think may actually be able to see now that the hair has been removed from his eyes. (nothing drastic, just a trim!)

Off to dinner and the theater this evening with a dear friend. It's so nice to be able to do things during the week and not have to suffer the consequences the next day.

I think one of the most diffcult things so far is realizing that we don't have to get everything done in one day. We have tomorrow and tomorrow...(And the E-mail is NOT accumulating!)

This is going to be quite the little adventure and we are looking forward to it..

We'll be updating as we can...(There's always tomorrow!)