08 September, 2010

08 September 2010

Here we are, we made it though Labor Day and am now enjoyhing the peace and quiet of the Western Shore. AAHHHH! It's been windy and a little warm, but nights have been very very pleasant and GREAT sleeping weather.

Connection at the marina is minimal so it doesn't appear that we will be updating this until we travel "all the way" to Starbucks. (Of ghee).

We have started on our fall project on the boat (redoing all the teak work). I get to sand and scrape and "H" will be applying the Cetol (kind of like a varnish!) We did have a slight problem with one of the port windows leaking, but after a couple of tries and some prayers and silicone, it no longer leaks.

Believe that we will be getting our outboard motor for the dinghy so we will be able to adventure out of the marina and spend nights anchored. Always a pleasant time and so enjoyable. It'll be interesting to see how Splash gets along on the dinghy.

Since we have arrived we have not taken any pictures, but we now at least have the camera on board so there is a chance.

Will keep this updated as much as possible.

Keep safe and love to all.
H and KK

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