01 September, 2010

01 Sept. 2010

Well here we are back where we belong. We arrived late last night (late for us!) and the boat was nice and cool thanks to Rockhold Creek Marina turning on the A/C.

Woke up this morning to a beautiful morning, lots of sunshine, a little breeze and the words of NOAA, "Minimal impact from Earl, unless it tracks significantly west of it's present course." So, we are going to make sure that all is tightened down and secure, spend Thursday night at a local hotel and plan on returning to boat on Friday. We will continue to monitor the storm's progress and adjust plans accordingly.

One of the things we enjoy about this time of year is the absence of people. It's just so quiet. Have lots to do this trip (mainly sanding and teaking (always a pleasure!)

Well that's about it for now...Will check in later...enjoy this first day of September.

H and KK

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