08 July, 2011


Here we are in Indiana. What a difference a few hundred miles make. It is cool and sunny. We arrived here on Monday late and are staying with "H"s cousin on Big Turkey Lake.

The house on Turkey Lake

On Tuesday we spent the day touring the area where Harrriet grew up, especially the campus of Howe Military School. Really wonderful and nice to see places we only have talked about.

Here is a picture of the interior of St. James Chapel on the campus.

We had lunch at an old soda fountain in Howe (H does not like me using the word "old",) which is no longer a soda fountain but a nice spot for lunch.

We toured many places and also the cemetary. Very quiet, peaceful and full of history and memories. So glad that we came.

Spent the remainder of our time with friends and exploring the "old homestead". One night we went to dinner at an amazing place. Essenhaus. Run by the Amish for 40 years, the food was incredible and deserts even better. Too much, too much, but we want more. It was all so good.

"H" also spent a day with her BFF from school and had a good homecooked meal by our gracious hosts. All in all it was an incredible week.

On the way back to Maryland we stopped in Vermilion, Ohio to visit "H"s previous address. It was the first time I have ever seen any of the great lakes and this "cute" little town is right on the shore of Lake Erie.

Here is a picture of Vermilion and Lake Erie. Pretty nice!

Also visited some friends in the town and came on back to MD. By way of a 3 car crash on the interstate and about a 2 hour delay (or shall we just call it a 2 hour STOP!) Any way we are back in MD.

p.s. Splash did just fine and met some new friends at the kennel and, according to the attendant, Splash does play well with others.

Well...Thats about it for now. Will update more later...looking forward to visits from friends and family during the next two weeks.

Love ya,