29 August, 2010

29 AUGUST 2010

Well here we are again. We have been home for about a month and have had a wonderful time, although we have been busy. I suspect the big news is that our youngest grand daughter turned one year old, right on schedule. A good time was had by all.

The weather here has been brutal but we have survived and we are looking forward to some cooler weather. We had planned to spend a couple of days at the beach on the Gulf, but have decided to go straight to the boat. It appears that hurricane Earl could be a concern and we would rather be at the boat, preparing for the storm, than traveling to the boat. We both agree we can resume our play time at a beach once Earl decides what he's going to. (Just another benefit of retiring, we can change plans and not ruin any!)

Also while we were home, we redid our upstairs bathroom. We have become the little DIY'ers, with a little help from our family and friends.

We will update this blog again whenever we can.

Stay turned as Away we go again!

Our youngest having a grand time...