20 June, 2011

Here We ARE!!!

Greetings one and all...well we are finally in Deale, MD. and just let me say that it is incredible. We have had a couple of "HOT" days (in the 80's) and some really very nice summer weather. Today, it has been raining and cool, very cool. It is expected to be in the 90's on Wednesday before the next cool front moves through.

We had a very uneventful trip here and made it in the 2 days we had planned. Arrived at the boat and everything "seemed" normal. HOWEVER...

We were running the water and it appears that there was a certain "orange" tinge to the hot water. So we emptied and filled the tank several times and still orange. So after investigating we decided a new hot water heater was in order. (How much fun can one person stand?) Purchased said water heater and began to remove the old and install the new...

Just to give you an idea of what's involved. The heater cost about $300.00 for the unit and about an additional $100.00 for the hardware to connect the thing. But we got it connected on one day (and it was a perfect day for such work, cool and windy - perfect). However...we also had to reconnect the heater to the engine (so that when we are not on shore power, the engine will make hot water for us). Well something about bubbles in the line and bleeding said line...it was just too much for this amateur so got help from the marina manager and it was done in about 15 minutes. We now have HOT HOT water and plenty of it. However,

During the bleeding purging process discovered that the engine would not start with just battery power. OPPS...Little did we know that battery life is aboiut 2 years (3 at best) and this is our fourth year. So we need 2 new batteries. One deep cycle and the other a starter battery. There is a difference but we do not need to go there... So we are waiting for the batteries and they should be installed on the morrow! (Tuesday).

So for now I think we have had all the problems we need for a season and we are ready to go sailing.

There was a party at the marina on Saturday night for office help leaving and 25 year anniversary of the marina. Very nice...Had lots of food...some had lots to drink and there was liver music which was exceptional. Nice to see everyone again and get caught up on all the news!

Today we are taking advantage of the cool and rain to get some chores done away from the boat. Next week we are going to Indiana to H's childhood area and will be boarding Splash so we checked out the kennel (very very nice, he will just love it) and also got his Kennel Cough shot (didn't really mind!) Also our weekly Starbuck's and bill paying and getting caught up here.

Trust all are doing well and staying cool?

Will check in later...(p.s. it appears the wi fi at the boat is non-existant so we will be only updating away from the marina!)

We will enjoy and be careful...Love to all....
H and KK

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