30 May, 2011

Another Year - 2011

Well we are in the process of getting ready to leave and head up to the boat. It's been a good winter but it's time...I (KK) went a couple of weeks ago to get her ready and cleaned and everything appears to be just fine.

The weather was raining and stormy, but there's nothing quite as nice as a raining afternoon and very overcast to catch up on much needed naps. Loved it.

As Easter was so late this year, we are going to be leaving about 12 June (Pentecost) or shortly thereafter. We are still deciding on route and timing. There is a 25 Anniversary party at the marina on 18 June, so we are trying to decide to go or not to go!!! Decisions decisions!

We are also in the possession on a new IPhone, and it works just great at the marina. Last year we had problems connecting to WI-FI at the marina.
So we will see how all that works now. The "plan" is to go to a good
WI-Fi once a week for paying bills and updating the blog. I can't imagine trying for very long on the phone. (I just don't have the patience!)

Well that's it for now...talk to you all soon.

Love to all!

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